Leave your character playing with the PC off
Work with Helper Active
Every 1 hour the Safe Zone is cleaned
Chars in OffAttack do not earn Goblin Points
Normal VIP
12 hours
24 hours
Work with DL Summon
Work with BK Combo
Work with all Buffs
Work with AutoHeal (Elf)
Work with Drain Life (Sum)
Automatick Pick (Helper)
Fast and optimized for pick, buff, etc.
If your Wifi/Light is cut it activates itself

In case your internet has problems, the system reconnects your character if it suffers a disconnection. In addition, if it was with Helper activated it reactivates so as not to interrupt the hunt! And if the system does not reconnect you, the character will be in offattack mode in the same way, it is called "anti-disconnect", in case you suffer a power outage or whatever, you will not lose training time


Members General Races
2 members
3 members
4 members
5 members
6 members
7 members


The game was optimized to consume less resources, such as CPU, GPU, SSD, RAM, etc.

In addition the Anti-Freeze (F5) system that allows deactivating aspects to save resources and increase fluidity

Pressing the F12 key minimizes the game windows and the CPU consumption goes to 0%. When you point the icon with the cursor (the winged one of your computer time) it shows the name of the character that is active in the window, facilitating the handling of multiple accounts. Very useful to make the game invisible and reduce the consumption of resources


Version Season 6
Experience 100x (Dynamic)
Exp Master 1x (Extended)
Drop 50% (General)
Spots 5 mobs (Hots 7)
Buffers NPC 200 (Max Level)
SUM/MG/DL/RF 1 (Req Level)
Shops Skills only
Full Items Off
VIP SubServer Off
Monster HP 100%
Zen Bug Off


  • Type: Puntuative
  • Points: 200 x Reset
  • Limit: 30 RR
  • Clear Stats: On
  • Clear Skills: No
  • Clear Inventory: No
  • Clear Quests: No
  • Every 3 resets the exp is reduced -10x
  • The quest master is done at reset 30
0~3 400 5kk 100x
4~6 400 10kk 90x
7~9 400 15kk 80x
10~12 400 20kk 70x
13~15 400 25kk 60x
16~18 400 30kk 50x
19~21 400 35kk 40x
22~24 400 40kk 30x
25~27 400 45kk 20x
28~30 400 50kk 10x


Mix +10 60% (Success)
Mix +11 60% (Success)
Mix +12 55% (Success)
Mix +13 55% (Success)
Mix +14 50% (Success)
Mix +15 50% (Success)
Wings Level 1 100% (Max)
Wings Level 2 90% (Max)
Wings Level 3 40% (Max)
Condor Feather 60% (Max)
Raven and Horse 60% (Success)
Piece of Horn 70%(Success)
Broken Horn 50% (Success)
Fenrir 30% (Success)
Fenrir Upgrade 79% (Successo)
AG Potions 30% (Success)
380 Option Purple 70% (Max)
Lucky Refine 60% (Success)
The objects +Luck raise +25% the probability of success



  • /post: Send global message (Example: /post party lv 380)
  • /ware: Use multiple warehouses (Example: /ware 5)
  • /pkclear: Clean the kills (Example: /pkclear)
  • /rename: Cambia el nombre de tu personaje (Example: /rename EduBk) - 100K Coins


  • /addstr: Add points in strength (Example: /addstr 50)
  • /addagi: Add points in agility (Example: /addagi 40)
  • /addvit: Add points in vitality (Example: /addvit 30)
  • /addene: Add points in energy (Example: /addene 20)
  • /addcmd: Add points in command (Example: /addcmd 10)
  • /addstr auto: Add strength when leveling up to the set amount (Example: /addstr auto 500) - VIP
  • /addagi auto: Add agility when leveling up to the set amount (Example: /addagi auto 400) - VIP
  • /addvit auto: Add vitality when leveling up to the set amount (Example: /addvit auto 300) - VIP
  • /addene auto: Add energy when leveling up to the set amount (Example: /addene auto 200) - VIP
  • /addcmd auto: Add command when leveling up to the set amount (Example: /addcmd auto 100) - VIP


  • /re < on/off >: Autoaccepts or denies party requests (Example: /re on)
  • /re auto < key >: Autoaccepts or denies party requests with key (Example: /re auto 4532)
  • /reset auto: Autoreset the character when it reaches level 400 and has the required zen (Example: /reset auto) - VIP
  • /autopost Post a post automatically every 30 minutes (Example: /autopost Sell Rune+9) - VIP


  • /offattack: Your character is leveling and collecting in disconnected mode (Example: /offattack)
  • /offstore: Your character is selling with your store in disconnected mode (Example: /offstore)


  • /war < guild >: Declare a war by point to another clan (Example: /war Pekadores) - Leaders
  • /soccer < guild >: Play soccer match in the arena by point with another clan (Example: /soccer Pekadores) - Leaders